Wednesday, August 08, 2007

39 Things...

It's been so long since I've posted to my blog... Lots to write about, but that seems overwhelming.


The reason I'm here posting today is because I was motivated by Elsie’s weblog! She created a layout listing 24 things she wants to do before she turns 25. I've always been inspired by this type of list, and this is a new take. Elsie does tell everyone to make sure they include things they can actually accomplish. It's true, many of us do tend to have BIG dreams. Not a bad thing, but let's face it... It's very discouraging to set grand goals and accomplish few to none of them. The last thing I need right now is more negativity!!!

I am going to make a fabulous layout listing these things.

For me... I turn 39 next Tuesday! I could list 38 very small tasks to complete by next Tuesday, but I'd rather work on 39 things to do before I turn 40. This way, I can include a few *big* things.

So much fun!

39. Complete all pre-RN classes before Fall08, so I'm ready for the Nursing Program!
38. Submit application to the RN program before February 1, 2008.
37. Find/Buy a cheap used guitar.
36. Find the perfect sundress (for me)!
35. Finish charcoal sketch of "the shack".
34. Finish my first painting.
33. Make the Dean's List for Fall 07.
32. Make the Dean's List for Spring 08.
31. Choose 20 songs to practice with GriFF.
30. Update GriFF's existing website - in preparation for... (See # 29)
29. Create GriFF's new and improved website.
28. Learn to swim.
27. Write Tane' Ya a long letter.
26. Watch every Bears game in the coming season.
25. Buy a CUTE Bears shirt.
24. Find the perfect drink recipe utilizing Champagne.
23. Get a job at the hospital!!
22. Work with my budget every week.
21. Use my planner/calendar daily.
20. Study, study, study!
19. Continue to conquer my fear of heights.
18. Run a 5K.
17. Visit all of my friends in Chicago.
16. Contact the local Habitat for Humanity to find out when they meet.
15. Have a Reiki session with Deb Powers.
14. Design and create 20 greeting cards.
13. Create and implement an exercise (toning) plan (as soon as my foot heals!).
12. Choose 10 people who have touched my life in some way and thank them.
11. Rent a storage unit and use it for creative space.
10. Start dreaming and planning the trip I want to take when I graduate.
09. Blog on a *nearly* daily basis, with photos!
08. Look into starting a CoDA group here.
07. Perfect a frozen cocktail. Find recipes and have a blast trying them out!
06. Plan GriFF's *birthday month*.
05. Start my *inspiration journal*.
04. Meditate daily.
03. Breathe...
02. Smile...
01. Buy a hat.

Thanks for the inspiration, Elsie!!!


At 8/12/2007 12:33 AM , Blogger Jocelyn said...

Hey visit my blog sometime and do my challenges too! ;) still owe me an email!



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